Since 1961 Akron Metal Etching has been texturing molds, rolls and dies for the rubber, plastics, and die casting industries. We have etched tooling for probably every area and method of forming plastic products during our existence.

The goal of Akron Metal Etching has been to provide the highest quality mold texturing along with the benefits of our extensive experience in the plastics and related industries. We pride ourselves in working with you, our customers, to achieve the appearance and function you desire. We help you work through the details of texture selection and all the items pertinent to your tooling in order to get your parts out of the mold with ease.

Over the years we have added other capabilities such as hot stamp dies and pantograph masters. Now we have a new concept to supplement the stereolithography model industry. We call it Prototex. Prototex involves texturing the surfaces of parts made from SLA systems commonly known as "rapid prototypes." Learn more about Prototex by following the link at the top of this page.

Our extensive design library offers a tremendous variety of styles which allows you to select just the right look for your finished product. Choose from several thousand patterns and textures including leather grains, geometric patterns as well as the most popular current designs.