Akron Metal Etching has developed a method of texturing your stererolithographic models with almost any type of texture used on molded parts. We call this process Prototex. This process is so unique that we have patented it.

This process is not limited to just parts made from SLA systems or molds. We can also put texture on many different materials (or substrates), such as wood and unglazed ceramic materials. Styrene and ABS parts can also have grains put on them for evaluation.

Another unique part of Akron Metal Etching's process is that we can fill in layer lines (such as those on SLA system parts) in order to provide a smooth surface. We are also able to increase the thickness of a wall or a surface if necessary without having to make a new part.

You can have textures (grains or patterns) and or logos on your prototype parts, molds or models just as you would on your production molds or parts. As on your molds, the texture can be limited to your specified areas.

Please refer to our Mold Texturing page for more information.

Think of the time and money you can save by making the changes on your prototype parts and molds before you build production tools.