Magnesium Hot Stamp Dies

Magnesium vs. Steel

AME recommends the use of magnesium hot stamp dies for short runs up to 100,000 impressions. There are a number of advantages to using magnesium hot stamp dies as compared to engraved steel dies. The magnesium die can be produced within 2-3 working days when furnished with camera-ready artwork. This method can also provide better detail than a mechanically engraved steel die because of the photographic methods used in the production of the die. However, cost savings is perhaps the greatest advantage.

What's The Difference?

The engraver producing a steel die usually traces from an engraving master. This master can require a great deal of time to make, especially when there is much detail involved in the logo. After the engraving master is made, the engraver must cut the steel die.

The method of producing a magnesium die involves a photographic process. The first step entails taking a picture(negative) of the artwork. This negative is then placed on a specially coated magnesium plate, which becomes the hot stamp die itself at the end of the process. There are no intermediate reproductions of the logo or artwork.


The magnesium die is made in two standard thicknesses: .153" and .250." These dimensions provide enough thickness for mounting purposes, with the relief being provided by etching away the surface around the artwork.

The etch depth of a hot stamp die varies according to the specifications of the customer. The two most common are .040" and .080."

The key to producing a good die? The artwork. And Akron Metal Etching takes great pride in producing good artwork, too. We have the camera facilities and artwork resources to develop virtually any type of artwork you need, from the simplest typesetting to laser-scanned color separations. This work is performed quickly and at reasonable cost. However, if you provide the camera-ready art, we can assure you of faster delivery.


We will certainly attempt to quote prices by telephone, but due to the varying costs of artwork, we can only quote a firm price for the die itself.