Embossing Rolls

Akron Metal Etching has extensive experience etching designs or textures into the surfaces of rolls for the purpose of in-line embossing. Our texturing process involves etching the pattern with chemicals, rather than knurling or mechanically engraving a design.

We're On a Roll

We begin with your manufactured roll in the "green" stage. Working with roll sizes ranging from diameters or 1" tp 36" and face dimensions from 1" to 127", we have the capability to texture flat face rolls used in sheet extrusion lines as well as rolls with contoured profiles. The most requested designs are in excess of .007" deep, which excludes a number of patterns from consideration. (We have etched some designs up to .030" deep.) When necessary, a sample is provided to ensure customer satisfaction.

Custom Designs

Can we etch your unique design? Only upon careful evaluation of your sample can we make this determination. We may either match it with our extensive library of patterns, or be able to custom design a pattern for you.

Cylinder Repair

This generally requires complete removal and re-etching of the cylinder. Small patch repairs do not usually meet AME's stringent quality standards. Due to the nature of the cylinder, any flaws in the texture show up when the sheet is run out onto a large flat area. If the area has to be welded, the cylinder should be reground in order to restore the T.I.R. and to insure that the weld is matched to the ground surface.

After the cylinder is etched, it is recommended that the cylinder be blasted in order to help hide the color difference between the weld and the parent material. After carefully examining the blast, the roll is chrome plated.

Hard Chrome Rolls

Customers often contact us to etch a hard chromed roll. Generally, this is impossible due to the common methods of welding the face of the cylinder and submerged arc welding with a 420 stainless steel rod. Once the cylinder is welded, it is ground, then plated with a heavy deposit of hard chrome and polished. This is done to provide a hard substrate for the chrome which helps make a long-lasting polished cylinder. This process is not compatible with an etching process.

How Much Will It Cost?...And How Long Will It Take?

Of course, the cost for etching a roll is subject to size, type of texture, depth, and the sampling process. AME will gladly provide a rough estimate by phone, but we reserve the right to requote upon determination of the actual specifications. Once the design is approved, the etching process (including blasting and chrome plating) takes two to three weeks.